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Support the Alaskan Community, By Supporting Our Local Brands

Our community means the world to us. So we’re proud to support brands born and raised in Alaska. Here’s a list of some we think you should know.

Anchorage Brands

The Alaskan Cannabis Exchange, or ACE, brings people together over a shared appreciation of high-quality cannabis. 

They foster a “culture of adventure, community, and education.” In addition, ACE believes in using the entire cannabis plant, maintaining the perfect balance of cannabinoids in their products to help you achieve homeostasis (internal balance) for improved wellbeing. 

Cold Creek Extracts provides Alaskan locals and adult visitors with top-shelf and clean cannabis concentrates.

Most of the products developed in the Cold Creek Extracts Anchorage, Alaska lab are inspired by recipes that helped the founder’s family reduce their prescription medication dependence.

Additionally, Cold Creek Extracts employs a “solventless” extraction technique to ensure a clean final product without traces of residual chemicals. Clean, pure, and entirely Alaskan – just the way we (and you) like it.

Four close friends founded Mercy Tree of Alaska. And while friendship brought them together, a passion for cannabis ultimately inspired the founders to establish one of our state’s premier flower brands.

They don’t take quality lightly. While some cultivators automate every process, Mercy Tree does things the hard way—by hand—to keep a close eye on the quality of their strains, ensuring you only smoke the best.

Brands North of Anchorage

Wasilla, Alaska

Emerald City Organics is a Wasilla, Alaska-based cannabis cultivation brand founded in 2017 to give the Alaskan community high-quality flower, concentrates, and pre-rolls.

Kreative Konfections and Fireweed Extracts are family-owned and operated out of a facility off Knik Goose Bay Road in Wasilla, Alaska. They produce some of our state’s most delicious, high-quality, and potent cannabis edibles and concentrates.

Houston, Alaska

Choice Extracts and Guest Services

Sister brands Guest Services and Choice Extracts produce some of Alaska’s most beloved flower and extracted products like Lemon Ice Pucker, Guicy G, and White Tahoe Cookies.

Since the brands own their manufacturing and cultivation facilities, they have complete control over their products from end-to-end.

And as true cannabis connoisseurs, the founders are on an eternal hunt for new strains to develop for the Alaskan market.

Fairbanks, Alaska

GOOD Cannabis is a Fairbanks-based cultivator and manufacturer of fine Alaskan cannabis products, including pre-rolls, extracts, vape carts, and edibles. And they live by three simple rules: “Be GOOD people. Provide GOOD products. Do GOOD for your community.” Those are rules we can get behind.

Fairbanks-based Tanana Herb Company prides itself on “clean, professional cultivation.”

Their experienced cultivation team obsessively hunt and grow some of our state’s best cannabis flower, and they’ve been doing it longer than most; since 2015.

Today, they operate from a 50,000-square-foot cultivation facility in the heart of Fairbanks. It doesn’t get more local than that.

“Drink your weed” with Tundra Brewing Company, the only THC-infused beverage brand on our list.

Tundra Brewing Company is an iñupiat-owned and operated cannabis beverage brand based in Fairbanks. They’re on a mission to “create quality beverages from natural ingredients using cutting edge technology and exacting standards for purity, cleanliness, and high-quality control standards.” And that’s a mission we can get behind.

North Pole, Alaska

Frontier Grow Labs

​​Frontier Grow Labs is a cannabis flower brand based in North Pole, Alaska. They passionately cultivate cannabis with their hearts and hands to bring you (and us) some of our state’s best strains.

Kenai Peninsula Brands

Lady Gray is a small team of cannabis advocates and enthusiasts with roots in our industry dating back decades.

They’re inspired by the connections people develop through a mutual appreciation for cannabis and carry that inspiration through the end product, producing some of our state’s finest flower, pre-rolls, and edibles.

South-East Alaska Brands

Haines, Alaska

Flower Mountain Farms

Flower Mountain Farms is a Haines, Alaska-based cultivator responsible for filling our dispensaries with some of the state’s premier strains.

The family-owned and operated brand upholds its quality commitment by taking a decidedly hands-on approach to cultivation. Hence, you know that when you purchase Flower Mountain Farms products, it’s grown with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Juneau, Alaska

Top Hat Concentrates (aka THC Alaska) is a diverse Alaskan cannabis brand focused on cultivating and manufacturing high-quality CO2-extracted cannabis concentrates and edibles.

But they do it with a bigger purpose.

“Our company is dedicated to operating with minimal environmental impact and producing clean cannabis, accomplished by growing indoors with renewable energy, in biodynamic living soil, and using regenerative growing techniques.

THC Alaska strives to provide adult recreational consumers a connection to sustainably grown and pesticide-free products across Alaska and to develop community relationships locally and nationally.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Frog Mountain supplies Alaskan locals and visitors with some of our state’s premier extracted cannabis products.

They produce some of Alaska’s purest extracts by first using some of the state’s finest raw materials (aka premium flower).

They’re rooted in a passion for providing “pure, natural cannabis oil to Alaska.” Frog Mountain developed a unique extraction process to maintain the quality and character of the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids.

“We hold ourselves to the highest standards to provide a clean, pure product with no additives.”—Frog Mountain

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