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The Uncle Herb’s Story

Who is Uncle Herb?

Ask us one day, and we’ll tell you he’s the Uncle who introduced us to cannabis (among other things). 

But ask us another day, and we’ll probably tell you Uncle Herb is an older neighbor who taught our first guitar lesson or took us fly fishing, encouraging us to go with the flow and embrace living in the moment. 

Put simply, Uncle Herb is a state of mind. 

He’s the spirit animating our love for the Alaskan community, driving us to connect our neighbors with the benefits of cannabis-based wellness, sharing the excitement of our discoveries and the depths of our knowledge every day.

Since 2017, we’ve honored Uncle Herb’s spirit with our commitment to transparency, community, support, and growth. 

We stock our shelves with a wide range of the highest quality cannabis products gathered on our adventures throughout the state. 

From Alaska’s best-known cannabis brands to under-the-radar finds from small producers and boutique cultivators, each Uncle Herb’s outpost is a curated cannabis wonderland for you to explore.

We’re 100% Alaskan-owned and operated, with a passionate team of locals (most of whom started their journey with us as customers) who blend in-depth cannabis knowledge with a warm and welcoming spirit. Just like Uncle Herb would have wanted. 

Who’s your Uncle Herb?

Our Mission, Visions, and Values

At Uncle Herb’s, we’re committed to doing cannabis the right way. Every decision we make is guided by our love for the community and our values.


We work hard to unite and grow Alaska’s cannabis community by providing affordable products and exceptional customer service. In addition, we’ve created a welcoming space where cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers can connect, explore, and grow.


As an Alaskan-owned and operated company, we’re committed to promoting long-term career opportunities for Alaskans in the growing cannabis industry. Our goal is to become Alaska’s leading cannabis brand, built on a foundation of quality, service, sustainability, inclusivity, education, and community support.


Uncle Herb’s reflects our values as individuals, as a company, and as members of Alaska’s legal cannabis industry. We’ve built a strong team of like-minded Alaskans committed to living our values daily. They are respectful, trustworthy, considerate, knowledgeable, and supportive.

Because we hire from within our local communities, our teams understand the lives, backgrounds, needs, and challenges of the folks who patronize our stores. We use that connection to inform our solid and genuine values, ensuring we show up for our community with every interaction.

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